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NESFA® 2004 Hugo Recommendations

20 March 2005 — mlo

NESFA continues to maintain a list of Good Stuff to read. Any NESFA member who reads something that they would like to recommend to others to be considered for a Hugo nomination can add it to the list. We will publish it from time to time in Instant Message and on the nets. (Feel free to reproduce it provided you reproduce it intact!) It’s neither definitive nor complete, but it contains the stories, novels and non-fiction works that a bunch of well-read fans feel may be worthy of a Hugo nomination.

These are items published in 2004 and eligible for the Hugos to be presented at Interaction in Glasgow, Scotland on August 4-8, 2005. Note that novels and stories previously published overseas and first published in the US in 2003 are also eligible. Here’s the list for 2005.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell Susanna Clarke Bloomsbury shs, jam, mlo, ec, po, dgg
Survival Julie Czernada DAW arl
Something Rotten Jasper Fforde   shs, ec
Pandora’s Star Peter F. Hamilton Ballantine Del Rey arl, rk
New World Order Ben Jeapes David Ficking Books mlo
Last Light of the Sun Guy Gavriel Kay   shs
Newton’s Wake Ken MacLeod Orbit, UK 04 mlo, jam, pf
Polaris Jack McDevitt   shs
Iron Council China Mieville Del Rey jam, kp
The Stupidest Angel Christopher Moore   shs, pf
A Hat Full of Sky Terry Pratchett   po, mlo, dgg
The Plot Against America Philip Roth Houghton Mifflin ca, po, dgg
The Atrocity Archive Charles Stross Spectrum SF, UK 02, The Atrocity Archives, Golden Gryphon, 04 mlo, jam, ca, daa, ec, dgg
The Family Trade Charles Stross Tor pal, ca, daa, mlo, rk
Iron Sunrise Charles Stross Ace mlo, jam, ec
Iron Sunrise Charles Stross Ace mlo, jam, ec, dgg
The Knight Gene Wolfe Tor mlo, ec, po, jam, dgg
The Wizard Gene Wolfe Tor mlo, ec, dgg

The Bog Sword Poul Anderson First Heroes shs
Between Worlds Stephen Baxter Between Worlds, SFBC arl, ec, ca, jam
Mayflower II Stephen Baxter PS Publishing ca, dgg
Winterfair Gifts Lois McMaster Bujold Irresistible Forces, NAL arl, pf, ec, ged
The Tribes of Bela Albert E. Cowdrey F&SF 8/04 ca
Sergeant Chip Bradley Denton F&SF 9/04 ca, dgg
The Heloise Archive L. Timmel DuChamp Love’s Body Dancing in Time shs
The Bad Hamburger Matthew Jarpe & Jonathan Andrew Sheen F&SF Dec arl
The Wreck of the Godspeed James Patrick Kelly Between Worlds, SFBC arl, ec, ca
Shiva in Shadow Nancy Kress Between Worlds, SFBC arl
Under the Flag of Night Ian McDowell Asimov’s 3/04 ca
The Concrete Jungle Charles Stross The Atrocity Archives, Golden Gryphon ca, ec, dgg
Elector Charles Stross Asimov’s 9/2004 jam, ca, mlo

Three Lions on the Armband Dominic Green Interzone, Spr 04 ca
The Clapping Hand of God Michael F. Flynn ASF 7-8/04 ca
Mastermindless Matthew Hughes F&SF 3/04 ca, mlo
Men Are Trouble James Patrick Kelly Asimov’s 6/04 arl
Reports of Certain Events in London China Mieville McSweeney’s Enchanted Chamber… ca
This Old Man Steven Popkes Asimov’s 1/04 ca
The Battle of York James Stoddard F&SF 7/04 ca
The Word That Sings the Scythe Michael Swanwick Asimov’s 10-11/04 ca

Short Story
Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Nameless House of the Dread Desire Neil Gaiman Gothic!, Candlewick jks
Following Orders R. Neube Asimov’s 8/04 arl
The Magical Negro Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu Dark Matter: Reading the Bones shs
Dibs Brian Plante Analog 4/04 ca
Opal Ball Robert Reed F&SF 10-11/04 ca
Everlasting Alastair Reynolds Interzone Spr 04 ca

Related Book
Dancing Naked William Tenn NESFA Press arl, mlo, dgg
With Stars in My Eyes Peter Weston NESFA Press arl, mlo, jam, po, ec, ca. ged, pf
Anatomy of Wonder, 5th Edition Neil Barron Libraries Unlimited mlo
The Best of Xero Richard A. Lupoff Jerry Weisberg shs
The Gernsback Days Mike Ashley * Robert A. W. Lowndes   shs
A Blazing World Jess Nevins   shs
Kong: King of Skull Island Joe DeVito   shs
Futures David A. Hardy & Patrick Moore Harper Design International ca
Ray Harryhausen: An Animated Life Ray Harryhausen and Tony Dalton Billboard Books  (UK — Aurum, 2003) jam, shs

Dramatic Presentation Long Form
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban po, mlo, arl, sl, jam, pf, dmg, ged, shs, dgg
Have Spacesuit, Will Travel from Full Cast Audio mlo, po
The Incredibles jam, pf, dmg, daa, ca, arl, sl, mlo, po, ged, shs, dgg
Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars jam, arl, po, ged
The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind jam, sls, ca, daa, dgg
Hellboy jam, sls, ca, daa, dgg
Shrek 2 pf, arl, sl, shs, ebh, shs, dgg
Shaun of the Dead ca, daa
Lemony Snickett… cjh, pf
Primer ca, daa
A Wrinkle in Time sls
Spider-man 2 jam, shs, dgg
Thunderbirds pf, ged
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow sls, ca, daa, arl, ged
Team America ebh

Dramatic Presentation Short Form
Smile Time Angel jam, ebh
Michael Rennie’s skit at N4’s Closing Ceremonies himself mlo, po
E2 Enterprise po, ged
Heroes (2-part) Stargate SG-1 arl, sl, jam, ldtm
Origin Angel jam
Litmus* Battlestar Galactica jam

* The first nine episodes of Battlestar Galactica aired in Canada in 2004 and are therefore eligible, even though they did not air in the US until 2005.

Neil Neil Gaiman shs Bill Burns mlo FANAC mlo NESFA arl Richard Harter arl, sl, mlo


Other Good Reads


Long Voyage Home R. Garcia y Robertson Asimov’s 2/04 arl
Keepsakes Mike Resnick Between Worlds, SFBC arl
Elector Charles Stross Asimov’s 9/04 arl
Investments Walter Jon Williams Between Worlds, SFBC arl

Leaving His Cares Behind Him Kage Baker Asimov’s 4-5/04 arl
Quarry Peter S. Beagle F&SF 5/04 arl
The Fear Gun Judith Berman Asimov’s 6/04 arl
The Ocean of the Blind James L. Cambias F&SF 4/04 arl
In Tibor’s Cardboard Castle Chet Chwedyk F&SF 10-11/04 arl
Dancer in the Dark David Gerrold F&SF 4/04 arl
A Hint of Jasmine Richard Parks Asimov’s 8/04 arl
A Plague of Life Robert Reed Asimov’s 3.04 arl
Inherit the Vortex Ramona Louise Wheeler Analog 1-02/04 arl

Short Story
I am the City Richard Mueller F&SF 9/04 arl
Chicxulub Larry Niven Asimov’s 4-5/04 arl
Harpoon G. David Nordley Analog 5/04 arl
The Chamber of Forgetting Sarah Princes Realm of Fantasy 12/04 arl
A Princess of Earth Mike Resnick Asimov’s 12/05 arl

Related Book

Dramatic Presentation
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow   ebh,jam

Key to nominators:
ansl: Alice Lewis, arl: Tony Lewis, bsa: Brad Ackerman, by: Ben Yalow, ca: Claire Anderson, cjh: Chip Hitchcock, cle: Chris Logan Edwards, daa: Dave Anderson, dak: Debbie King, dea: Deb Atwood, dgg: David G. Grubbs, dmg: Deborah M. Geisler, ebh: Lisa Hertel, ec: Elisabeth Carey, ecl: Evelyn Leeper, esa: Ted Atwood, ged: Gay Ellen Dennett, ies: Ian Stockdale, jam: Jim Mann, jb: Judy Bemis, jr: Joe Rico, js: Joe Siclari, jks: Joyce Scrivner, kp: Kelly Persons, ldtm: Laurie Mann, mdh: Mark Hertel, mjd: Mark Dulcey, mlo: Mark Olson, pal: Paula Lieberman, pf: Pam Fremon, pg: Paul Giguere, po: Priscilla Olson, rb: Ray Bowie, rk: Rick Katze, sg: Sam Gentile, sl: Suford Lewis, shs: Steven Silver, sls: Sharon Sbarsky, sp: Sheila Perry, tps: Tim Szczesuil, vjd: Vincent J. Docherty, wm: Winton Matthews