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Perfect Bound

Published August 1983
Perfect Bound price: $8.00
Weight: 1.02

ISBN-13: 978-0-915368-22-8
ISBN-10: 0-915368-22-6
Page count: 76
Book Size: 8-1/2"x11"

A New Settlement of Old Scores

songs by John Brunner

This text relates to the 1st edition • Perfect Bound

by John Brunner

ConStellation book. This is a collection of songs about science fiction and about politics written by John Brunner, the Guest of Honor at ConStellation, the 41st World Science Fiction Convention, 1983. Each song is illustrated by a different artist whose name is enclosed in [ ].

Table of Contents

  • Foreword and Acknowledgments
  • Editor's Acknowledgments (Greg Thokar)
  • Anthem of an Unrepentant Addict [Michael Moyle, Eddie Jones]
  • The Ballad of Teddy Hart [Mike Symes]
  • A Billion Dollars a Week [Joan Hanke-Woods]
  • Burn the House Down [Don Maitz]
  • Common Sense on Civil Defence [Eddie Jones]
  • The Deserter [Joan Hanke-Woods]
  • Le Deserteur [Stephanie Slayton]
  • The Disarmament Conference [Alexis Gilliland]
  • Don't Confuse Me with the Facts [Alexis Gilliland]
  • Faithless Jack the Spaceman [Dell Harris]
  • Fit for Human Consumption [Barbi Johnson] /The Future Shock Song [Bob Eggleton]
  • The H-Bombs' Thunder [Bob Eggleton]
  • Lament for the Land [Ann Layman Chancellor]
  • The Little RSG [Rowena Morrill]
  • Lullaby for the Mad Scientist's Daughter [Mike Symes]
  • "Not 'Wanderlust' - Wonder Lost!" [Carl Lundgren]
  • Obscenesleeves ["Tete a Tete," Alicia Austin]
  • The Œdipus Song [Ann Layman Chancellor]
  • Oh, Oh-Oh-Seven! [Dell Harris]
  • Only a Robot [Cecilia Cosentini]
  • The People Say [Joan Hanke-Woods]
  • Power in the Wind [Michael Moyle, Stephanie Slayton]
  • Power in the Wind ["The Ultimate Enemy" Michael Whelan]
  • The Rough and the Smooth [Alexis Gilliland]
  • The Science Fiction Junkie's Lament [Carl Lundgren]
  • Shipboard Romance: A Cautionary Tale [Cecilia Cosentini]
  • Space Shanty [Stu Shiffman]
  • The Spacewreck of Old Ninety-Seven [Frank Kelly Freas]
  • There's Show Business Like No Business [Phil Foglio]
  • Top Robin [Stu Shiffman]
  • When I Was a Young Man ["Melilot the Scribe" Victoria Poyser]
  • Who's Who [Frank Kelly Freas]

Printing History

1500 copies printed (about 500 plastic-comb bound and 1000 perfect bound)

Edited by Greg Thokar
Cover art by Eddie Jones
interiors by many artists (see ToC)