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Paperback (Trade)

Published February 2019
Paperback (Trade) price: $18.95
Weight: 1.47

ISBN-13: 978-1-61037-336-4
ISBN-10: 1-61037-336-7
Page count: 304
Book Size: 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"

Ebook (epub)

Published October 2019
Ebook (epub) price: $6.95

ISBN-13: 978-1-61037-337-1
ISBN-10: 1-61037-337-5
Page count: 304
Book Size: 6.8Mb

On the Road with Gardner Dozois

Travel Narratives 1995–2000

This text relates to the 1st edition • Paperback (Trade)

by Gardner Dozois

On the Road with Gardner Dozois: Travel Narratives 1995–2000 offers an inside look at the life and experiences of one of the most important science fiction editors of our time. Gardner Dozois shares his insights and observations of science fiction, fannish tourist travel, and worldclass conventions in this special selection of trip reports when the genre was on the cusp of change. This historical snapshot captures Gardner’s award-winning convention experiences as he and his wife Susan set out on their vacation adventures to various Worldcons, the Nebula Awards, and Westercon in the late 1990s. Each trip report includes a memory of Gardner shared by his friends who knew him best as he shares his own unique view of the world, fandom, and the authors who helped to bring science fiction and its conventions into the Twenty-First Century.
“Gardner writes far and away the best trip reports in fandom. Gardner’s accounts of his travels remind me of the work of the top best travel writers. He can describe the sights and smells of a foreign land as vividly as Paul Theroux, and he makes his own adventures as funny as P.J. O’Rourke.” — George R.R. Martin

Table of Contents

  • Traveling Incognito by Michael Swanwick
  • Preface by Gardner Dozois
  • Memories of Gardner by Robert Silverberg
  • 1995: England, Scotland, Isle of Skye; Intersection, Glasgow, Worldcon 53
  • Memories of Gardner by Sheila Williams
  • 1996: The California Coast; L.A.con III, Anaheim, CA, Worldcon 54
  • Memories of Gardner by Walter Jon Williams
  • 1997: Texas, New Mexico; LoneStarCon 2, San Antonio, TX, Worldcon 55
  • Memories of Gardner by Eileen Gunn
  • 1998: New Mexico, Colorado, Utah; Nebula Awards 1997
  • Memories of Gardner by James Patrick Kelly
  • 1999: Pittsburgh, PA; Nebula Awards 1998
  • Memories of Gardner by Erin Underwood
  • 2000: Hawaii: O’ahu, The Big Island; Conolulu, Westercon 53
  • About Gardner Dozois
  • Acknowledgments
  Gardner Dozois
Gardner Dozois Gardner Dozois (1947–2018) was the much-loved writer and multiple-award-winning editor of Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine and all 35 editions of The Year’s Best Science Fiction.
  Jim Burns
Gardner Dozois I’ve loved drawing and painting “weird stuff” since I was a tiny child in Cardiff and in 1972, following a failed attempt at becoming a jet pilot — someone started paying me to do it. So I’m one of those very lucky people whose hobby becomes their career and way of life.

Printing History

Book produced for Boskone 56, February 2019.

Edited by Erin Underwood
Cover and Interior art by Jim Burns
Proofed by Ann Crimmins

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