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Hardcover (Trade)

Published January 2017
Hardcover (Trade) price: $32.00
Weight: 2.78

ISBN-13: 978-1-61037-313-5
ISBN-10: 1-61037-313-8
Page count: 550
Book Size: 6" x 9"

Ebook (epub)

Published June 2017
Ebook (epub) price: $9.95

ISBN-13: 978-1-61037-314-2
ISBN-10: 1-61037-314-6
Page count: 550
Book Size: 3 Mb

Ebook (mobi)

Published June 2017
Ebook (mobi) price: $9.95

ISBN-13: 978-1-61037-003-5
ISBN-10: 1-61037-003-1
Page count: 550
Book Size: 3 Mb

Question and Answer

Volume 7 of the Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson

This text relates to the 1st edition • Hardcover (Trade)

by Poul Anderson

Question and Answer: The Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson (volume 7) continues the series of the best of his fantasy and science fiction stories published over his writing career of 50 years. It contains 6 short novels, 2 novellas, and 4 short stories. “Question and Answer”, the lead short novel tells the story of what may or may not be the first meeting between two different species, with a touch of politics and a mystery. The book's two-page frontispiece is an illustration of this story. “The Big Rain” is set on Venus while it is still being terraformed, and concludes the "Un-Man stories”. Dominic Flandry is well represented in this volume, including the first time he meets Aycharaych of Chereion, his life-long nemesis. “The Troublemakers” examines life aboard a slower-than-light transport ship as it makes a voyage that will last over three generations. Finally, but not least, David Falkyn and his trader team open a planet for trade.

Table of Contents

  • Poul Anderson by Vincent Di Fate
  • Question and Answer
  • The Big Rain
  • Outpost of Empire
  • Message in Secret
  • Honorable Enemies
  • Hunters of the Sky Cave
  • In the Shadow
  • Tiger by the Tail
  • Trader Team
  • Warriors from Nowhere
  • To Outlive Eternity
  • The Troublemaker
Edited by Rick Katze and Michael Kerpan
Cover and interior art by Vincent Di Fate
Cover design by Alice N. S. Lewis

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