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Forthcoming titles


Nielsen Hayden, Theresa Making Book [reprint, ebook (978-1-61037-333-3)] (Rick Katze)

Anderson, Poul The Queen of Air and Darkness (Volume 2) [reprint, ebook (978-1-61037-328-9)] (Rick Katze)

February 2018

Silverberg, Robert, Living in the Future: Robert Silverberg on Science Fiction. (Essays) [hardcover (978-1-61037-327-2), ebook] (Tony Lewis)

Anderson, Poul The Saturn Game (Volume 3) [reprint, ebook (978-1-61037-329-6)] February 2018 (tentative date)

Spring 2018

Segaloff, Nat A Lit Fuse: The Provocative Life of Harlan Ellison—An Exploration by Nat Segaloff [reprint, paperback and ebook] (David Grubbs)

Anderson, Poul Admiralty (Volume 4) [reprint, ebook (978-1-61037-330-2)] May 2018 (tentative date)

Summer 2018

Anderson, Poul Door to Anywhere (Volume 5) [reprint, ebook (978-1-61037-331-9)] August 2018 (tentative date)

Fall 2018

Anderson, Poul A Bicycle Built for Brew (Volume 6) [reprint, ebook (978-1-61037-332-6)] November 2018 (tentative date)


Lewis, Anthony, Concordance to Cordwainer Smith [ebook] (Unknown)

Myers, John Myers, Silverlock [reprint, ebook] (David Grubbs)

Under Consideration