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A Lit Fuse

The Provocative Life of Harlan Ellison

by Nat Segaloff
Published July 2022
Originally Published April 2017
An unguarded, uncensored, unquiet tour of the life of Harlan Ellison. In late 2011 Harlan Ellison—the multi-award-winning writer of speculative … Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($35.00) Purchase Ebook (mobi) ($9.95) Purchase Ebook (epub) ($9.95) Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($35.00) Purchase Boxed Hardcover ($75.00)


Volume 1: The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny

by Roger Zelazny
Published January 2021
Originally Published February 2009
Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($29.00)

Call Me Joe

Volume 1 of the Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson

by Poul Anderson
Published January 2009
Originally Published January 2009
Table of Contents Editor’s Introduction (Rick Katze) 6 Poul Anderson (Greg Bear) 7 Call Me Joe 11 Prayer in War … Purchase Ebook (mobi) ($9.95) Purchase Ebook (epub) ($9.95) Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($29.00)