The NESFA Clubhouse & Library begins to reopen

NESFA is pleased to announce our gradual reopening. Starting in June 2021, the NESFA Library reopened.  Club members are welcome once again to browse the collection and check out books, movies, and other circulating items. Game and Video days at the Clubhouse have resumed. For now, NESFA and Boskone Business Meetings will remain via Zoom. For more information, please see our calendar (on the lower right of this web page).

  • People who can be vaccinated must be vaccinated to use the clubhouse. People over the age of two are requested to wear masks while in the clubhouse as a courtesy to at-risk people. People are required to sign-in and sign-out using the register by the front door so we may track the use of the clubhouse.
  • Keyholders should send a message to nesfa-active before going to the clubhouse to warn more risk-averse people that others will be present and to make sure there are no more than 24 people in the clubhouse at any one time.
  • Keyholders may use the library at any time providing they don’t conflict with other clubhouse work activities. Non-keyholders may come in during open library hours. Open library hours will be posted to the NESFA calendar (at the lower right of this webpage). Up to 24 people at a time will be admitted to use the library depending on other work going on in the clubhouse, so you may wish to call ahead before arriving.
  • Game and Video days will be by RSVP only to the person running the event. As with the use of the Library, up to 24 people at a time will be allowed to attend Game and Video days, depending on other necessary work going on in the clubhouse.
  • If you have any questions, please call the clubhouse at 617-625-2311, leave a message if necessary, and someone will get back to you. Remember we are an all-volunteer organization and it may take several days for someone to get back to you.