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Stan’s Kitchen

A Robinson Reader

by Kim Stanley Robinson
Published February 2020
Originally Published February 2020
Kim Stanley Robinson is one of the most well-known SF writers in the world, applauded in non-SF circles for his …

On the Road with Gardner Dozois

Travel Narratives 1995–2000

by Gardner Dozois
Published October 2019
Originally Published February 2019
Purchase Ebook (mobi) ($6.95) Purchase Ebook (epub) ($6.95) Purchase Paperback (Trade) ($18.95)

Dreamweaver’s Dilemma

by Lois McMaster Bujold
Published October 2018
Originally Published February 1996

Letters to the Pumpkin King

by Seanan McGuire
Published February 2014
Originally Published February 2014
This is the first collection of Seanan McGuire’s non-fiction works. It contains everything from essays about “My Little Pony” and … Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($30.00)

24 Frames into the Future

Scalzi on Science Fiction Film

by John Scalzi
Published February 2012
Originally Published February 2012
24 Frames into the Future: Scalzi on Science Fiction Film is the 2012 Boskone Book by Guest of Honor John … Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($28.00)

Scratch Monkey

by Charles Stross
Published September 2011
Originally Published February 2011
Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($27.00)


by Jo Walton
Published August 2011
Originally Published February 2009
Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($25.00)

Deep Navigation

by Alastair Reynolds
Published April 2011
Originally Published February 2010

Sibyls & Spaceships

by Jo Walton
Published February 2009
Originally Published February 2009
This poetry chapbook by Jo Walton focuses on poems Jo has written since her first chapbook, Lurkers & Muses, was … Purchase Saddle Stitched ($12.00)

The One Right Thing

by Bruce Coville
Published February 2008
Originally Published February 2008
Bruce Coville writes about heroes: big heroes, little heroes, blue heroes, pink heroes, heroic trolls, and heroic humans. And what … Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($25.00)

The Involuntary Human

by David Gerrold
Published February 2007
Originally Published February 2007
David Gerrold has produced a huge and varied body of work over the years. From Heinlein pastiche, to YA adventures, … Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($27.00) Purchase Boxed Hardcover ($45.00)

Giant Lizards from Another Star

by Ken MacLeod
Published February 2006
Originally Published February 2006
Table of Contents Introduction by Jo Walton Poems Caesarian The Second Law Birds and Bees and That Succession Goddess on … Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($25.00)

Adventures in the Dream Trade

by Neil Gaiman
Published August 2002
Originally Published February 2002
Purchase Paperback (Trade) ($16.00)

Expecting Beowulf

by Tom Holt
Published February 2002
Originally Published February 2002
Two of Holt’s funniest books, Expecting Someone Taller and Who’s Afraid of Beowulf? in a single trade paperback volume. It … Purchase Paperback (Trade) ($16.00)

Frankensteins and Foreign Devils

by Walter Jon Williams
Published March 2001
Originally Published February 1998
Purchase Paperback (Trade) ($14.00) Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($23.00)

Double Feature

by Emma Bull & Will Shetterly
Published January 1999
Originally Published February 1994
Purchase Paperback (Trade) ($13.00)


by Ben Bova
Published February 1997
Originally Published February 1977
Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($8.00)

A Bookman’s Fantasy

How Science Fiction Became Respectable and Other Essays

by Fred Lerner
Published February 1995
Originally Published February 1995
Table of Contents Science Fiction, Respectable and Otherwise Introduction (original) How Science Fiction Became Respectable (original) Lester and Me Towards …

Let’s Hear It for the Deaf Man

by David Langford
Published February 1992
Originally Published February 1992
Out of Print! David Langford was Special Guest at Boskone 29; this fanzine was produced in his honour. Although this …

Stalking the Wild Resnick

by Mike Resnick
Published February 1991
Originally Published February 1991
Stalking the Wild Resnick is a collection by the Boskone XXVIII Guest of Honor Mike Resnick. It contains several of … Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($15.00)

The Men from Ariel

by Donald A. Wollheim
Published February 1982
Originally Published February 1982
The Men from Ariel was published in conjunction with the appearance of Donald A. Wollheim as Guest of Honor at … Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($13.00)

The Grimm Future

ed. by Erin Underwood
Published February 2016
Originally Published February 2016
Blending fresh new science fiction with a futuristic dash of magic, The Grimm Future is a unique anthology of reimagined … Purchase Ebook (epub) ($6.95) Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($35.00)

The Hunters of Pangaea

by Stephen Baxter
Published February 2004
Originally Published February 2004
Table of Contents Introduction (John G. Cramer and Kathryn E. Cramer) The Hunters of Pangaea (a spinoff from Evolution) The Modern … Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($25.00)

Making Book

by Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Published December 2018
Originally Published February 1994
Purchase Ebook (epub) ($6.95) Purchase Paperback (Trade) ($14.00)

Early Harvest

by Greg Bear
Published January 1988
Originally Published January 1988
Early Harvest is the special anthology for Boskone 25 Guest of Honor Greg Bear. The anthology contains two early short stories …

Have You Seen These?

by Isaac Asimov
Published March 1974
Originally Published March 1974
Have You Seen These? is a collection of short stories by SF Grand Master Isaac Asimov on the occasion of his …